JAN6 Synthesis Music Festival, Threes Brewing, Brooklyn, NY (USA) with WOOD RIVER
JAN18 Ancienne Belgique, Brussels (BE) with Alex Deforce
MAR21  I am, here; Here with us; Where we find ourselves, Danspace, NYC (USA) with Stacy Matthew Spence
MAR22  I am, here; Here with us; Where we find ourselves, Danspace, NYC (USA) with Stacy Matthew Spence
MAR23  I am, here; Here with us; Where we find ourselves, Danspace, NYC (USA) with Stacy Matthew Spence
MAR26 STUK, Leuven (BE) with Alex Deforce
MAR30 Push The Botton Festival, Oostende (BE) with Alex Deforce
APR17 5 Y OsAre editions Beursschouwburg, Brussels (BE) with Alex Deforce
MAY4 VIERNULVIER, Gent (BE) with Alex Deforce
MAY22 Threes Brewing, Brooklyn, NY with Wood River
MAY26 The Owl Music Parlor, Brooklyn, NY with Catherine Brookman
JUNE2 Little field, Brooklyn, NY with Oropendola, Emmerson & Bergamot Quartet
JUNE7 Ibeam solo series currated by Yoon Choi, Brooklyn, NY




JAN11 Threes Brewing, Brooklyn, NY (US)
JAN19 The Sultan Room, Brooklyn, NY (US) with WOOD RIVER
APRIL 5 Tubby’s, Kingston NY, with WOOD RIVER
APRIL 11 The Sultan Room, Brooklyn, NY with WOOD RIVER
APRIL 21 The Owl Music Parlor, Brooklyn, NY
APRIL 24-27 Residency with Alex Deforce, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, BE
APRIL 27 AB, Brussels, BE with ALEX DEFORCE
APRIL 30 The Gladstone Arms, London, UK
MAY 2 Kunsterzentrum Kinett, Kusel, DE
MAY 3 Kohi Kulturraum, Karlruhe, DE
MAY 4 Loft, Koln, DE
MAY 5 The Lighthouse, Deal, UK
MAY 14 Baarechoem#9, Antwerp, BE with ALEX DEFORCE
JUNE 7 Tran Pecos, Brooklyn, NY (Postponed)
JUNE 15, Jupiter Nights, Basillica, Hudson, NY 
SEPT 6 The Avalon Lounge, Catskills, NY (US) with WOOD RIVER
SEPT 7 The Sultan Room, NYC, NY (US) with WOOD RIVER
SEPT 10 Trans Pecos, Ridgewood, NY (US) w/ Jae Soto, Stranger Cat, NNUX
SEPT 12 True Vine,  Baltimore, MD (US) w/Glorian, dominique diglio, Stranger Cat
SEPT 13 Gallery 5, Richmond, VA (US) w/ Brunswick, Stranger Cat
SEPT 14 Arcana, Durham, NC (US) w/ Stranger Cat
SEPT 17 The How Bazar, Gainesville, FL (US) w/ Stranger Cat
SEPT 20 Make Out Room, San Francisco, CA (US) w/ Alice TM
SEPT 22 SubRosa, Santa Cruz, CA (US) w/ Alice TM, Jupiter Black
SEPT 23 The Goldfish, Los Angeles, CA (US) w/ Alice TM, Zhao   
SEPT 29 Durch Burch Festival with WOOD RIVER, Stuttgart, (DE)
SEPT 30 Donau115 with WOOD RIVER, Berlin (DE)
OCT 7 UltraBach Festival with WOOD RIVER, Lüneburg, (DE)
OCT 8 UltraBach Festival with WOOD RIVER & Ensemble Reflektor, Lüneburg, (DE)
OCT11 Donau 115, Berlin (DE) w/ Oropendola & The Moon Crawls Around Fire
OCT12 Germi, Milan (IT) w/ Oropendola
OCT13 Pietra Tonale, Turin (IT) w/ Oropendola
OCT14 Peniche Méchanique, Strasbourg (FR) w/ Oropendola
OCT17 The Flying Duck, Glasgow (UK) w/ Oropendola & You’re lost be careful
OCT18 Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh (UK) w/ Oropendola & You’re lost be careful
OCT19 Cafe Kino, Bristol (UK) w/ Oropendola, Emily Magpie & Ali
OCT20 Arts Bar Baltic, Liverpool (UK) w/ Cheery, Oropendola & Bella Wright
OCT21 Atelier 1868, Sint-Gillis-Waas (BE) w/ Oropendola
OCT22 Zappa, Gent (BE) w/ Oropendola
OCT23 The Green Note, London (UK) w/ Oropendola & Austel 
NOV15 Sundownstairs, Ridgewood, NY (US)


APR 4 Tradesman, Brooklyn, NY (US) (CANCELLED)
APR 26 Cadenza, Freeport, ME (US) w/ Wood River
APR 27 Apohadion Theater, Portland, ME (US) w/ Wood River
MAY 1 Bates College, Olin Art Center, Lewiston, ME (US) w/ Wood River
MAY 12 The Jazz Gallery, New York, NY (US) w Wood River
JUN 5 Hart Bar, Brooklyn, NY (US) (CANCELLED)
JUN 11, Culture Lab, Queens, New York (US) w Beccs
JUN 15, Gold Sounds, Brooklyn, New York (US)
JUN 21 – 25 Residency VOLTA, Brussels, (BE)

JUL 8 De partij van de Poezie, Beauvoorde, (BE), w/ Alex Defore (CANCELLED)
SEPT 11 Hart Bar with Oropendola and RBKE, Brooklyn, NY (US)
SEPT 24 Quinns, Beacon, NY (US) w/ WOOD RIVER
SEPT 29 Basilica, Hudson, NY (US) w/ WOOD RIVER
SEPT 30 The Owl Music Parlor, BK, NY (US) w/ WOOD RIVER
OCT 8 CC Sint-Niklaas Expo: OOPs, Sint-Niklaas (BE)
OCT 9 Grain Barge, Bristol (UK)
OCT 11 The Green Note, London (UK)
OCT 13 Kaltern-Pop, Kaltern (IT)
OCT 14 Germi, Milano (IT)
OCT 15 Djingel Djangel, Antwerpen (BE)
NOV 11 The Owl Music Parlor, Brooklyn, NY (US) 
NOV 21 Sundown, Brooklyn, NY (US) 

DEC 14 Purgatory, Brooklyn (US)
DEC 18 Nublu, New York, NY (US) w/ WOOD RIVER


JAN 29 Kunstenplek De Graaf, Gent (BE) with Alex Deforce 

FEB 12 The Word Radio x De Brakke Grond ‘ Beyond The Blackbox’, Brussel (BE) with Alex Deforce
FEB 12 Let Love Rule, KAAP, Oostende (BE) with Alex Deforce 
SEPT Beursschouwburg Residency, Brussels (BE) w/ Alex Deforce
SEPT 27 Kiosk Radio, Brussels (BE) w/ Alex Deforce
15.10.2020 Kiosk Radio, Brussels (BE) with Alex Deforce

10.10.2020 Secret Location, Brussels (BE) with Alex Deforce
30.09.2020 WIELS, Brussels (BE) with Alex Deforce
27.09.2020 Jazz Middelheim, Antwerp (BE) with Alex Deforce & Ferre ‘Sergeant’ Marnef
18.03.2020 Hart Bar NYC, Brooklyn, NY (USA) w/ KADAWA and Stimmerman (cancelled)
28.03.2020 Zappa Bar, Scheldewindeke (BE) (cancelled)
29.03.2020 House show, Gent (BE) (cancelled)
01.04.2020 Jazz Cats Club Show, Pand.A, Kortrijk (BE) (cancelled)
03.04.2020 De Loge, Gent (BE) (cancelled)
04.04.2020 House show, SGW (BE) (cancelled)
05.04.2020 The Lighthouse, Deal (UK) (cancelled)
07.04.2020 Haldern Pop Bar, Haldern (DE) (cancelled)

28.02.2020 The Owl Music Parlor, Brooklyn, NY (USA) w/ Lisa Hoppe and Jack Broza
23.02.2020 Threes Brewing, Brooklyn, NY (US) w/ Beccs and Pale Ramon
 29.01.2020 The Bowery Electric, New York, NY (US)
18.12.19 Monk, Brussels (BE), w/ Alex Deforce
13.12.19 Plek Gent, Gent (BE) w/ jason & rhonda
8.12.19 The Piano Man Jazz Club, New Delhi, (IN)

5.12.19 Phoenix Club, Kolkata (IN)
4.12.19 House Concerts Delhi, Gurgaon, (IN)
4.12.19 Global Music Institute, Greater Noida (IN)
1.12.2019 2nd Anniversary Sofar Sounds Kathmandu, Bouddha, (NP)
30.11.2019 House Of Music, Thamel, (NP)
29.11.2019 Moksh Live, Lalipur, (NP)
24.11.2019 Velvet Lounge, Washington DC, MD (US)
23.11.2019 The Owl Music Parlor, Brooklyn, NY (US)
22.11.19 House show, Peaks Island ME (US)
21.11.2019 Midway Café, Boston, MA (US)
20.11.2019 Secret Location, Boston, MA (US)
18.11.2019  Radio Bean, Burlington, VT (US)
16.11.2019 The Anchor, Kingston, NY (US)
28.09.2019 Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1 NY (US)
24.09.2019 Secret Show, NYC (US)
07.07.2019 Threes Brewing, Brooklyn (US)
29.06.2019 Sofar Sounds NYC (US)

21.06.2019 The Owl Music Parlour, Brooklyn (US)
w/ Hannah Epperson & Relatives

09.06.2019 Bar Mirwaar, Gent (BE)
08.06.2019 The Loft, Sint-Gillis-Waas (BE)
07.06.2019 The Lighthouse, Deal (UK)
06.06.2019 Garden Concert, Bristol (UK)
05.06.2019 The Richmond, Brighton (UK)
04.06.2019 Stop-Look-Listen, London, (UK)
03.06.2019, Barkett, Berlin (DE)
02.06.2019 Hafen 2, Offenbach (DE)
07.04.19 rockwood music hall, ny, USA
19.03.19 pete’s candy store, brooklyn, USA
13.03.19 balboa, brooklyn, ny, usa
04.02.19 threes brewing, brooklyn, USA w/ zubin hensler & skyler skjelset
23.01.19 de loge, gent, BE
13.01.19 rockwood music hall, stage 1, new york, USA

23.12.18 rockwood music hall stage 1, new york USA
18.11.18 the glove, brooklyn, NY
21.11.19 rockwood music hall, new york NY
29.10.2018 pioneer works (w/ rosanne cash), brooklyn, NY
27.09.2018 de loft, sint-gillis-waas, BE
06.10.2018 klinkeroever festival, gent, BE
07.10.2018 fitcher’s vogel, berlin, DE
12.04.18 – Bar Mitte – Gent, BE
13.04.18 – Café de Loge – Gent, BE
14.04.18 – Volta – Brussel, BE

30.09.17 – Ichtegem, BE
29.09.17 – Roeselare, BE
05.09.17 – Kapow, Gent, BE *
12.08.17 – Aalter, BE
14.07.17 – Antwerpen, BE
14.07.17 – Gent, BE
02.07.17 – Lokeren, BE
25.06.17 – Mons, BE
11.05.17 – Cabron, Antwerpen, BE *
14.04.17 – Trefpunt, Gent, BE *
26.03.17 – CC Belgica, Dendermonde, BE *
15.03.17 – Bonnefooi, Brussel, BE *
18.02.17 – Leuven, BE
03.02.17 // support ‘Amatorski’ – Geruis, Dendermonde, BE *
31.01.17 – Ghost by Raveyards, Gent, BE *
06.01.17 – Diegem, BE

28.12.16 – Afsnis, Gent, BE *
01.09.16 – Finsbury, London, EN *
10.07.16 – Gent Jazz Festival, BE *
02.06.16 – Cultuurloft, Gent, BE *
07.03.16 – Support ‘Sleepers’ Reign’, AB, Brussel, BE *
29.02.16 – Breaking Sounds, Gent, BE *
28.02.16 – Stuk, Leuven, BE *
07.02.16 – Support ‘Bazart’, Vooruit, Gent, BE *
30.01.16 – Winterwoordennacht, Waregem, BE *

28.10.15 – Support ‘Get the Blessing’, AB, Brussel, BE *
10.10.15 – ARCHITEKT RELEASE, Charlatan, Gent, BE *
04.10.15 – Lefto & Red Bull Elektropedia present, Vooruit, Gent, BE *
29.09.15 – Bonnefooi, Brussel, BE *
07.08.15 – Nussbreite, Berlin, DE *
06.08.15 – La Bettolab, Berlin, DE *
25.07.15 – livesession, Gent, BE *
23.07.15 – Sint Jacobs, Gent, BE *
20.06.15 – Minard, Gent, BE *
18.06.15 – Minard, Gent, BE *
31.05.15 – Reserva, Gent, BE *
07.05.15 – try-out – Trefpunt, Gent, BE *

* with SEIREN

Charlotte Jacobs Music © 2020