started in 2009 as a soloproject by producer and keywizard jens paeyeneers, SEIREN ([sajrən], like “siren”) has seen long periods of inactivity and drastic style switches over the years. in 2014 SEIREN was completed by adding the singer charlotte jacobs and drummer gert malfliet. together they create songs in dutch and english, from filmic soundscapes to hyperactive sequencer madness to melancholic jazz ballads. their real love is combining all three in one track. their fondness for chaos and eclecticism takes their live performance to a next level. think of Bambi on acid with lasers.

in june 2015 their live show got the award from playright+. the summer that followed brought their first adventures abroad with a tour in germany and england. in october that same year they released their first single architekt and with it the architekt ep, which got them a place in the line-up of lefto & red bull elektropedia present, gent jazz and different support shows for bands such as bazart (vooruit, gent), sleepers’ reign and get the blessing (ab, brussel). their second single was released in december 2016, a new version of the song lietuva a story about lithuania, which charlotte wrote after spending a year traveling the wintery landscapes of eastern europe.

charlotte jacobs – voice/composition/lyrics
jens paeyeneers – synths/composition/production
gert malfliet – beats

‘the fact that folks in ghent love leaping into the future in seven-league boots is clear in the cosmically solid electronic palette of jens paeyeneers, a man whose alter-ego, SEIREN, is already on the tongues of hipsters and trend spotters. for lietuva, by singer charlotte jacobs, he lets the synths buzz warmly, touches avant-garde jazz with his fingertips and spreads psychedelic sound manipulations like stardust over the groove. shall we wager it takes him to a hip international record label?’

-sasha vanderspeeten (de standaard, RifRaf, FM Brussel) on Lietuva

© Damon De Backer

© Koen Bauters voor Poppunt

© Gert-Jan De Baets voor Ghentology

“architekt is an EP that draws you in, beautiful but utterly scary at the same time. in other words: how a siren would sound 3000 years later.”

musicmagazine RifRaf on the Architekt EP

Charlotte Jacobs Music © 2017